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Galt standoff over, suspected shooter apprehended | Crime

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Galt standoff over, suspected shooter apprehended

GALT, CA - A standoff between a suspected gunman and SWAT officers came to a conclusion Thursday morning nearly 17 hours after it began.

An animal control officer, identified as Roy Curtis Marcum, 45, of Elk Grove, was fatally shot and one of two locksmiths sent by Citibank was wounded when they approached the front door of a home on the 600 block of 1st Street following up on an eviction notice that was served Tuesday, Sacramento County sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos said.

PHOTOS: SWAT at Animal Control officer's fatal shooting in Galt

A shot was fired through the front door, hitting Marcum. One of the locksmiths was grazed by a bullet. The second locksmith ran from the home and flagged down a community patrol officer, who called for help.

Sacramento County sheriff's deputies, Galt police, Elk Grove police and SWAT responded to the home and set up a perimeter near New Hope Road and 1st Street. Ramos said Marcum was removed from the front lawn by emergency responders and taken to a nearby church where he was pronounced dead.

Residences around the surrounded home were evacuated and two neighborhoods around the scene were blocked from access.

Ramos said the suspected shooter was identified as Joseph Francis Corey, the former homeowner, according to Sacramento County Assessor's Office records.

Several unsuccessful attempts were made to contact Corey, but communication was finally established around 5 p.m. when Corey responded on the phone from inside the home. 

Following two brief conversations with Corey, contact was lost for several hours. Corey refused further contact attempts by phone, and did not respond to multiple public address announcements made from officers outside the residence, said Ramos.

As the evening progressed, a unified SWAT team from the Elk Grove and Galt police departments assumed command of the incident. They worked with Elk Grove Police Department negotiators in an attempt to convince Corey to surrender peacefully, Ramos said.

At approximately 10:30 p.m., tear gas canisters were deployed into the home to draw Corey out, but he remained inside.

Then at approximately 5 Thursday morning, while Corey was moving from the living area of his home toward the garage area, he was met by a team of officers who had entered the home undetected. Corey tried to retreat back into the living area, but officers were able to catch him and take him into custody, said Ramos.

According to Ramos, Corey was placed in an ambulance and moved to a local hospital for evaluation before being incarcerated.


Corey's home was foreclosed upon and sold to Citibank at a trustee's auction in November 2011, according to the Sacramento County Assessors Office.

Citibank gave Corey a three-day notice to leave the home in January, but Corey refused to leave. According to court documents, Citibank continued to try to get Corey to leave and have him pay $50 a day for the time he lived in the house while it was under Citibank's ownership.

Court documents showed Corey fought Citibank's claim in February, arguing that by charging $50 a day, Citibank was treating him as a tenant, which made the three-day notice to quit "inappropriate and inadequate."

Citibank went back to court and fought Corey's objection, which was overruled in court. Corey filed more objections in May, court documents showed. In July, the case was remanded to the Sacramento County Superior Court. Corey continued to fight Citibank's attempts to get him to leave the property; Citibank asked the court for a summary judgment in October, which the court granted.

Documents show the court ordered the sheriff's department to take all legal steps necessary to remove the Corey from the premises.

Tuesday, an official eviction notice was served at the home and to Corey. Wednesday, officials believed the home was vacant so Citibank sent the locksmiths to accompany the animal control officer to check on Corey's dogs.

Citibank spokesman Marc Rodgers released the following statement: "We are aware of the situation and are working with authorities to confirm the facts. Our thoughts go out to all those involved."


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