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Couples invited to Valentine's safety clinic

LODI - Robinson's Taekwondo will host its annual Valentine's Couples Safety and Self Defense Clinic on Friday, Feb. 25 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The 60-minute clinic aims to help couples learn conflict avoidance, personal safety and individual sef defense. Lodi is one of 19 locations where black belt instructors will teach couples simple self defense techniques and escape strategies through discussion and role-playing.

Robinson's Taekwondo is located at 412 West Lodi Avenue. For more information, call (209) 333-2001.


San Joaquin replaces trucks that pollute air, receives more funds

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CA - San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District replaced 548 high polluting diesel trucks with trucks that have reduced or no diesel emissions.

It took the air district a year to go through 2,900 applications for diesel emission-reduction grants. The city then worked to get state and federal grants to fund clean air projects.

This year, the city received another $62 million to fund more diesel replacement and retrofitting projects.

"These funds are critical to not only the health of the Valley's residents through cleaner air, but also to the economic vitality of the Valley," Air Pollution District Executive Director Seyed Sadredin said. "Strategic use of these funds will expedite clean air efforts in the Valley while providing a helping hand to the Valley residents and businesses."

Trucks, passenger car and buses produce 56.8 percent of the total nitrogen oxides emissions in the air in the San Joaquin Valley.

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Our friend Ms Lady Goats has done it again!  She literally built this fine friend the day it posted!  I adore the color, and I’m pretty fond of the final use for it, that she settled on…

What would you use it for?

I was thinking this would be fabulous for my own personal needs to make it a tad wider and use it for filing and paper!

Free DIY Furniture Plans for this unit can be found here…and to read about her build, visit her here~

Locals treated to total lunar eclipse

Locals treated to total lunar eclipse

 It's a rare event -- a total eclipse of the moon. And even rarer is an eclipse that take place during the winter solstice on December 20. It meant that the moon was glowing high in the sky during the eclipse overnight. 

SLIDESHOW: Your lunar eclipse photos

Are Facebook Promotions Getting an Update?

Looks like new Facebook Promotions guidelines may soon be released.

According to AllFacebook, an email sent out by Facebook sales representatives outlines the new rules.  In contrast to the old guidelines where promotions needed to be explicitly approved, promotions will no longer need prior written approval from Facebook. Basically, in regards to promotions, sweepstakes and contests on Facebook:

  • They no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.

  • They no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support the promotion.