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How-to screen your own breast milk donor. | Moms

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How-to screen your own breast milk donor.
How-to screen your own breast milk donor.

Like the saying goes, “breast is best,” but how do you know the breast you are getting your milk from is really the best. It’s one thing to give your child breast milk from your own body but how do you know what’s in the donor’s body.

Here are some guidelines from Milkin’ Mamas to help you figure out if the donor is a good candidate:

The BEST donors will be:               Generally healthy

                                                             Doesn’t take medication on a regular basis

                                                             Their own baby is healthy and doing well

                                                             Not a smoker

NOT GOOD donors will have:         Had a major illness in the last 12 months

                                                             Heart disease or high blood pressure

                                                             Vaccinations or shots in the last 12 months

                                                             Major surgery in the last 12 months

                                                             Taken certain medications in the past 1-3 years

                                                             Any medications longer than 2 weeks

                                                             Ever tested positive for tuberculosis (TB)

                                                             History of cancer

                                                             Recent significant weight loss

                                                             Drink caffeinated beverages or alcohol in moderation

                                                             Received blood or blood products longer than 12 months age

                                                             Herbal preparation, teas or supplements for longer than 2 weeks

NEVER USE AS A DONOR:             Been infected with HIV

                                                             Diabetic requiring insulin injections

                                                             Received human pituitary growth hormone or dura mater transplant

                                                             Family history or increased risk for Creutzfield-Jakob Disease (Mad Cow Disease)

                                                             Injected illegal drugs

                                                             Intimate contact with someone at risk for HIV, HTLV or infectious hepatitis

                                                             Smoker, or uses any tobacco products or a nicotine patch

                                                             Baby is breastfed and not gaining weight or growing as well as expected

                                                             Living oversees for a long period of time


For more information on donor guidelines or other details, please visit MilkinMamas.com.


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