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Suspects arrested in 13-year-old's murder in Lodi won't be charged

The San Joaquin County District Attorney published on its Facebook page Wednesday that the office declined to file charges against two suspects, Michael John Ferror and Bailey Allen -- both who were arrested in the Feb. 17, 2015 shooting death of a 13-year-old boy in Lodi.

The 13-year-old boy died after he was shot in the head and left at Lodi Memorial Hospital Feb. 17. His friends said he joined a gang after a trip to a local prison as part of an intervention program.

No further information was given by the DA, but the office said the investigation into the shooting was continuing.

Fire crews battle house fire in Lodi

LODI -- An early Thursday morning fire resulted in thousands of dollars in damages at a home near Vine and Church. Fire crews said flames were visible when they arrived.

Residents of the home were able to escape without injuries, but one woman said it was terrifying.

"I woke up to glass shattering," said Marisa Hicks.

Hicks said she heard family members yell to get out as the area became extremely hot. She said she believes the fire was electrical.

Crews said they had an engine downtown browned out during the fire due to lack of staffing. They said only 12 firefighters and a battalion chief were on duty, the ideal number is 15. Officials said it's concerning for firefighter safety.

"It really effects our ability to provide the coverage that we used to be able to provide to the city," said Battalion Chief Ron Penix.

Police: Suspect behind bars in 13-year-old's murder

An arrest has been made in the killing of a 13-year-old boy last month.

The Lodi Police Department announced Wednesday that suspect Michael John Ferro, 29, was arrested Tuesday night by Stockton police making a traffic stop. There was a murder warrant for his arrest.

The victim was dropped off at Lodi Memorial Hospital on Feb. 17 with a gunshot wound to the head, Lodi police said. The boy was transferred to an area trauma hospital where he later died.

Friends of the young teen said he had joined a gang after a trip to an area prison as part of an intervention program.

Ferro was booked into Lodi City Jail. Lodi police said their investigation continues.

Farmers near Lodi use Facebook to track thieves

STOCKTON - Farmers near Lodi are so tired of theft from their properties, they've taken to Facebook to communicate the descriptions of suspicious people or behavior.

"Lodi Farmer Crime Prevention. I thought I'd get 15 to 20 local growers, we now have 2,000 people, going strong. Six joined this morning," said grower Mike Manna, who produces crops on 2,800 acres.

Manna said it was after another copper wire theft that he created the Facebook group. He also uses a text program called Group Me that has 1,800 subscribers.

"Lately, we've been inundated with so many people out there because of the economy or whatever, or getting out of jail, we have problems all the time now," Manna said.

He said those efforts are paying off because he was told just that, by a thief, recently at a store.

2 Lodi students sickened with E. coli

A Lodi elementary school has had two students hospitalized with E. coli.

The two second graders are in the same class, according to Reese Elementary Principal Gary Odell. One of the students became ill last week and the other more recently. He said a couple of other students in the class went home with gastrointestinal illness.

E. coli bacteria is usually contracted via unwashed hands, uncooked meat or unwashed produce.

Reese said San Joaquin County public health determined the school cafeteria and food services were not the source of the E. coli. He said the school has been thoroughly cleaned since school officials learned of the illnesses.

Public health urged parents to encourage their kids to wash their hands often.

University of the Pacific program will help meet nationwide demand for data scientists

University of the Pacific program will help meet nationwide demand for data scientists

University of the Pacific this fall will begin showing working professionals not only how to crunch data, but how to use the information to help their organizations prosper.

Pacific’s School of Engineering and Computer Science is offering a new master of science degree in analytics, a high-paying field facing an acute shortage of professionals. The program will be based at the university’s new, state-of-the-art campus in San Francisco.

With courses such as Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Visualization, the program will combine rigorous academic training in analytics along with the practical experience of working on real-world case studies of issues facing industries today.

University of the Pacific’s Student Investment Fund climbs to $3 million

University of the Pacific’s Student Investment Fund climbs to $3 million

An investment fund managed by University of the Pacific students that routinely outperforms Wall Street indicators reached a monumental benchmark of $3 million.

The Student Investment Fund portfolio – valued at roughly $2.5 million just a year ago – is managed by students in Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business and is one of the largest student-run funds in the western United States.

The SIF hit $3 million for the first time in early October, but market fluctuations caused the fund to dip below that benchmark. The fund returned to the $3 million mark this month.