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Fancy Face Goes To A Birthday Party! | Animal Lovers

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Fancy Face Goes To A Birthday Party!
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"Hi Fans! This is Fancy. I wanted to tell you about my fun day out. My foster mom has been telling me all about my foster cousin in the Bay Area. Sabrina is her name and she was having a birthday party to celebrate her 11th birthday and I was invited! I was so excited to be going out on an adventure that didn't include a visit to the vet.

We got to the party a little early so I could meet my foster cousin without all the other guests being there. I loved the attention, hugs, kisses and pets from my foster cousin and her 4 year old friend. I learned kids are great as long as they are calm and quiet like me. I lounged on the couch while my foster aunt finished up the last of the preparations for the party. I was doing great but when my foster uncle and grandpa showed up I began to get a little frightened. 

My foster daddy has shown me there are men in this world who are very kind and loving but I'm still unsure of any new men I meet. I did move into a corner because that helps me to feel safe. When my foster mom saw I was uncomfortable with the flurry of activity she took me to a back bedroom so I could relax while the kids played. I loved my day out and the chance to meet new people (and a cool dog named Ozzy too!) It will take days like this to help me gain more confidence around strangers. The more I meet new, kind and loving people the more I realize there are so many people out there to love me.

Thank you fans for loving me through my new journey to my forever family! I can't wait until I have my own forever family so we can have a party every year to celebrate my adoptionversary. It's been such an exciting adventure but it's time for me to say good night. I'm off to dream about all the great things life has in store for me!"

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