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If you were lucky enough to get a Vitamix or Ninja as a gift recently then you are probably looking for all kinds if smoothie recipes.
Here is a great little smoothie chart to give you inspiration for your own fruit and veggie combinations.

This smoothie is a little different and if you are someone who doesn't like a thick texture, you may not like this, but any good blender will make it very smooth:  Banana Oatmeal Smoothie 
It's delicious and very filling.  I highly recommend that all the ingredients be cold and/or frozen.  It's a great use for leftover oatmeal or make some oatmeal before bed, stick it in the fridge and then use it with frozen bananas.  It's perfect for after a Bootcamp session!

My personal go to smoothie that I like is very simple.  Pineapple, mango, banana, Greek yogurt (I usually have vanilla on hand) and then either vanilla almond milk or orange juice.  When I'm making it just for myself it's just two or three chunks of each fruit, two heaping tablespoons of yogurt and then I start with a 1/4 cup of liquid and pour in more as I blend until it is the consistency I like (I prefer thicker).  If I have little cutie mandarins, I'll throw one of those in too.  I don't use crushed ice because I use frozen fruit and don't want to water it down.

What about green smoothies?  Wondering how they taste or what is the best way to make one?  Here is a great one for you to start with.  Beginner's Green Smoothie.

I personally don't consider a smoothie a replacement for a meal, especially since my usual smoothie is mostly fruit with juice and a little yogurt, but it can be a great start for breakfast first thing in the morning followed with whole wheat toast and peanut butter. There is a whole world of protein powders to choose from as well as vitamin supplements that can be added to make a smoothie a vehicle for more nutrition and fuel for starting your day. 

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